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My Account Login

Connection parametres for our mail server

Summary of the necessary parametres for configuring a mail client and reading and sending mail from your computer with your A/I account. (Let's assume that your account name is user@inventati.org

incoming mail

server mail.autistici.org
protocol POP or IMAP
port for POP: 110 (TLS) or 995 (SSL)
for IMAP: 143 (TLS) or 993 (SSL)
username user@inventati.org

outgoing mail

server smtp.autistici.org
port 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS)
username user@inventati.org

To download our SSL certificates: A/I Certification Authority


POP3 and IMAP4 are the standard protocols for reading your mail in the Internet: they can both be used for reading your A/I mailbox, and choosing one of them means deciding how to use your mailbox:

These are broadly the two possible ways for using your A/I mailbox, but it can be useful to know that you can also keep your messages in the server while using POP and that you can also download them while using IMAP.

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