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Thunderbird Configuration Howto

1) Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird from here, or via your package manager.

2) Open Thunderbird and click Skip this and use my existing email

3) Fill in your mail account information (see the image for a reference), then click Continue

4) Click Manual config, then enter the settings showed in the following image. You can choose the incoming method between POP3 (the mail will be downloaded to your PC and removed from the servers) or IMAP (the email will be kept both in your PC and the servers, unless you explicitly archive it). We suggest to use POP3.
Set the incoming server to mail.autistici.org on port 110 (for POP3) or 143 (for IMAP) ; the outgoing server is smtp.autistici.org on port 587. Select STARTTLS for both and Normal password Authentication method. Your username is your full email address (name and domain, as in exampleuser@autistici.org).

5) Click Done!