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My Account Login

Connection parametres for our mail server

Summary of the necessary parametres for configuring a mail client and reading and sending mail from your computer with your A/I account. (Let's assume that your account name is user@inventati.org

incoming mail

server mail.autistici.org
protocol POP or IMAP
port for POP: 110 (TLS) or 995 (SSL)
for IMAP: 143 (TLS) or 993 (SSL)
username user@inventati.org

outgoing mail

server smtp.autistici.org
port 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS)
username user@inventati.org


POP3 and IMAP4 are the standard protocols for reading your mail in the Internet: they can both be used for reading your A/I mailbox, and choosing one of them means deciding how to use your mailbox:

These are broadly the two possible ways for using your A/I mailbox, but it can be useful to know that you can also keep your messages in the server while using POP and that you can also download them while using IMAP.

My email client doesn't support SSL

Some older email clients might not support the latest versions of SSL, in these cases we recommend to switch to a modern client. As you will see below the procedure is relatively involved and not very convenient. However if you are unable to change email client, it is still possible to connect securely. What you have to do on your computer is to wrap an unencrypted email connection into an encrypted one. There are many programs to do this wrapping, for example stunnel.

This program is free software and widely available, to run it you should first download and verify the A/I certification autorithy. Then in the same directory download the stunnel configuration and launch stunnel with:

stunnel ai-stunnel.cfg

At this point there will be several ports available on your local computer, all you have to do is change your client configuration to use those instead of the canonical ones.

incoming mail

server localhost
protocol POP (no TLS) or IMAP (no TLS)
port for POP: 19110
for IMAP: 19143
username user@inventati.org

outgoing mail

server localhost
port 1925 (no TLS)
username user@inventati.org

If you would like to stop stunnel after you are done, this should work:

kill $(cat /var/run/ai-stunnel.pid)

Remember of course that you will need stunnel to be running from now on when sending and receiving emails from your computer!