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If you're interested in chatting, but you don't know what it is all about, you can start with indivia's web interface. If you find IRC chat interesting, you can try some more sophisticated client such as Xchat, Pidgin or Gaim.

The main information you need for chatting is the following:

The main commands you'll need in IRC -- contained in specific menus in graphic clients such as Xchat -- are the following:

There are of course many more commands: if you wish to learn more, you'll find several howtos in the Web.

A/I's IRC server offers some additional services called 'IRC Services'. To learn more about them, read this manual.

Technical Info

Server address ai.irc.mufhd0.net
User port 6667
SSL user port 9999

You can also connect to the server via the SSL-encrypted 9999 Port.
If you are using the TOR network, the IRC server hidden service address is: wi7qkxyrdpu5cmvr.onion
For client configuration, read the howtos on X-Chat, Pidgin, Gaim (for Linux e Windows), Irssi (Linux command line) and xchataqua (for Mac OS X).
Since the mufhd0 network is managed together with ECN and Indivia, should the A/I servers have problems you can connect to these other servers.

Contacts about IRC

If you have any problems or questions about our IRC service and/or about the possibility of linking other servers, write to: irc@autistici.org.