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First thing to do: download and install our Certification Authority root certificate

In order to properly verify the identity of all our services, you need to install our CA certificate on your computer. If you wonder why you need to do this, or why you see a warning when connecting to this site via https, read our explanation.

Installing our root certificate requires just a few simple steps; if you follow them thoroughly, the security of your connection to our services will be enhanced.


Download our CA certificate.
(You might need to right-click and "Save As...")


Verify that the certificate you downloaded is the correct one.


Install the certificate on your system.

All our SSL connections use algorithms that use Perfect Forward Secrecy(PFS) to protect your data traffic from any attacker. The idea behind PFS is that using this system, your traffic would be non-decryptable for somebody dumping it, even if they did so for an indefinite amount of time. This makes encrypted communication more secure, and guarantees you against any large data retention scheme.