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Jabber: instant messaging

Jabber is an instant messaging protocol available to all A/I users!!!
Some of its features include:

General parametres for Jabber clients configuration

These are the configuration data for connecting to the A/I Jabber server

Please, note: Jabber clients have very different configuration modalities, so we recommend to read the relevant guides (see below).
User user@domain.org
Server jabber.autistici.org
TLS Port 5222

Jabber clients

We wrote some manuals to configure the main Jabber client available (images are only in Italian, but we guess you can understand that much)

Jabber A/I Web Interface

You can access your jabber contacts and chat directly via our webmail interface (right bottom corner).
If you want to use the full functionalities of jabber without a client, though, you'll have to use our jabber web interface. Privacy warning: you won't be able to start OTR encrypted communications via the web interface (only SSL privacy granted).


The service has been active, in Beta stage, from the 25th December 2005. If you have problems or recommendations or if you want to give us a hand for an adequate documentation, get in touch via our helpdesk.

About the Server

The service implementation has been carried out through the open source Ejabberd server. Thanks to the Ejabberd developers team.

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