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twitter → python

a python script waits for tweets containing selected hashtags. when a tweet is detected, an OSC message containing the number of characters is sent.
twitter monitoring is done through tweepy , while OSC messages are sent using liblo.

Source code is available here. Sadly, twitter autentication methods are quite complicated, and this application needs a code in order to run. I can not share this code with no one. Until I find a way to store this key in an unreadable way, this code is just proof of concept. If you really want to use it, you need to register your own application.

pd → sound

puredata receives the OSC messages from python and gives them a musical meaning according to several techniques. The number of characters in a tweet can become the pitch of an instrument, the duration of a noise burst, a chord, a filter frequency or can trigger a pre recorded audio sample. patches.


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tweetmob #scritturebrevi

October 21 2013, from 6.00pm to 6.30pm, italian timezone. 800 tweets collected from 136 users.
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